m y  s t o r y



I was and always will be a bodybuilder.

…but it was really hard for me to finally admit that to myself.
I was an athlete in high school… I can’t pull that card anymore. I tried to be a yogi for a while. I think I still have some unused class passes left at the studio down the block.
When I battled my ego a while back, I kept trying to figure out what the purpose of my obsession with fitness was… What was I supposed to become? A personal trainer? A fitness model? My passion has always been lifting weights and pushing my body. But I had a problem with the idea of being a bodybuilder- it’s got this negative stigma. Plus, I have a mom to take care of- how am I supposed to make money?
Go to college. …Get a job?

I went to college, I stayed at the top of my class, I got my bachelor’s in Finance. But the only thing those 4 years made me realize (accompanied by a lot of meditating and waiting for the answer to come) was that this is my true passion.

Consuming and exerting energy:
What to consume. How to exert it.

See, my negative connotation with the word bodybuilder had to do with the unhealthy aspects and requirements I faced and learned when I started heavily training. The more I read about nutrition optimization, the more I strayed from the usual, recommended diet for bodybuilding.

I got on board the #primal, #nutrientdense, #paleo, #holistic, #highfat, #lowcarb, #junkfree train and started cooking meals like I never had while following the bodybuilder diet. I shifted my focus to optimizing my food intake: I wanted all of the nutrients and none of the garbage. And then I realized how caring about my food intake and giving my body the best fuel possible helped fix my head, not just my body.

It helped me heal that self-conscious, negative self image I picked up when I started my obsession with fitness.

I cook a lot more now than I ever used to, and I learned a lot about nutrition optimization over the past couple years… but my heart really does reside in the gym. I am not a chef (even though I like to pretend I am). I am a bodybuilder. I lift heavy weights. A lot. And I do it with the intention of changing/optimizing my body’s appearance and performance.

But I also really care about the small details- considering they’re what make up my life (…and me as a person.) And the more I learn, and the more people I talk to (I’m a bartender, I talk to a ton of diverse people)- I realized the only thing “pulling me towards my dream” or “making me come alive” was helping people fix their eating and exercising routines- making them realize extremely nutritious foods could be easy and delicious, and helping females realize how beneficial and important lifting weights is.

This is what I love. This is what I care about. And I know I’m supposed to spread the word and help teach health to everyone else.

So here it is:


My thought baby. Finally manifested on an accessible internet blog. #woah

I hope to share the keys to fitness and exercising- paired with a how-to on doing it in a nutritionally optimal way.

Thanks for reading, I’m always here to help if you need me. -CW

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