How-To: Lunch with Leftovers

Balancing Leftovers for a 5-Min Lunch

After crushing a heavy leg day, I needed a quick, easy, nutrient dense lunch.
Opened the fridge, took a 20-second gander and a deep breath- and here we are:


Broccoli sprouts with guacamole. BBQ Chicken breast. Cucumbers. Berries. #Boom #ILoveLeftovers

How we got here:

Okay- so here’s my thought process when grabbing leftovers to make a meal:

1. Protein –Pick a protein (like chicken, salmon, or beef)
2. Fat –Find some fats (nuts or nut butters, avocado/guacamole, coconut oil, butter/ghee, cheeses)
3. Nutrients/Fillers –
Figure out how to make it filling and nutrient packed (veggies and fruits are obviously the best options)

For my protein-
I made some simple honey barbeque chicken with cinnamon dusted sweet potato fries and salad for dinner last night… *yum*… I love leftovers.

For my fat-
I grabbed my last individually packed guacamole. (Pro tip: splurge for the individually packaged guac, you’ll waste less and use more)keep-em-prepped

For my nutrients-
I like to keep berries prepped in the fridge for an easy on-the-go snack (paired with nuts is perfect.) …So I grabbed those berries, some leftover cucumbers from my dinner salad last night, and the broccoli sprouts ’cause they were on their last leg.

**Side note: many people will tell you that carbs are the third piece to a balanced meal… that’s why so many bodybuilders and fitness gurus eat brown rice or oats so often… I have to disagree. As you can see, we did include carbs- strawberries, blueberries, and cucumbers and sprouts (although the veggies have almost negligent carbs)… Just remember: you don’t need more processed garbage carbs in your life. Carbs are super inflammatory, they cause excess water retention, systemic problems and even degenerative diseases. #AvoidAtAllCosts **

xo 🙂


Author: ketokeeks

Bodybuilder and nutrition lover, here to spread the joys of low carb living and heavy lifting with the world. :)

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