So- let’s do it.

I’ve been planning this blog for years. Years. And today- as I heated up my lemon pepper salmon for breakfast, playing through the ways I could spread health and fitness with the world for the millionth time- I recalled this quote and sat my ass down.


I know my stuff. I love health and fitness. It’s my thing, it’s what I’m “here” for, it is what I have to offer to and spread with the world. And I’ve finally faced the what-ifs, regarding money and success, and being able to take care of my mom… and I’ve accepted it.

If it’s what you love, if it’s truly your passion- your calling, it will work. That’s what they told me for my entire life. So here I am- finally putting it all down in writing, creating something worth sharing. I’m ready to work and learn, and spread more information, health, love and knowledge.


I like to read. And I’ve been passionate about nutrition and exercise science for the past 6 years, while I studied for and earned my Bachelor’s in Finance from FAU. I’ve been a math person since I was a kid. The degree seemed fitting, but I knew that was never “it” for me.

I read a lot of books. I spend a lot of time in Barnes and Noble reading about nutrition. Particularly about fats. And energy consumption/exertion. About proteins. Amino acids. Real foods. Health foods. How to eat to change the inner workings and state of health of your body. How to eat to change the outer appearance of your body. How to exercise to change your body. How to exercise to increase strength. How to increase flexibility. How to get abs. How to grow your legs. How to tone your arms. How to stretch. How to cook. How to eat to optimize your body. How to meditate. How to create goals, work toward them, cross them off, reduce mental blocks and attract positive energy.

I spent a lot of time perfecting my body, but I spent an equal amount of time attempting to perfect my mental state. My knowledge, my happiness, my drive… my ability to respond to life- and all the shit we deal with on a daily basis, my awareness of the “what am I here for?!” question.  And I have yet to perfect it. I’m gonna be really honest on this blog, that’s the point. I’m not perfect. But I’m on a mission to get others to join the physical-mental-overall-health and wellness train…

So, on this fine Tuesday morning (5 days before Christmas) I present to you: an incomplete, in the making, ever expanding “how-to” guide for attaining health, via science based nutrition, strength, and flexibility.

It’s a pretty simple, teachable, sustainable formula… Health isn’t difficult to attain. Your body wants it. But there’s no emphasis on spreading it in our society. We don’t have disease prevention, we have disease management. We don’t teach the kids about how foods are broken down and used for energy in the body or how certain foods have medicinal properties. They don’t tell you that running off sugar/carbohydrates for energy is not ideal, and that there are good fats that your body loves- that it would prefer to run off. And “they” definitely don’t teach about the extremely negative and detrimental  side effects of constantly consuming the processed garbage that lines our grocery aisles.  This is the stuff we need to be spreading to the kids and changing in our daily lives and habits.

So nice finally meeting you all… 😉



(Kiki. Keeks. Keek.)

Author: ketokeeks

Bodybuilder and nutrition lover, here to spread the joys of low carb living and heavy lifting with the world. :)

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